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We can all humbly learn a thing or two from Nehemiah when it comes to hearing from God
and enacting a vision.” Randy Hamm


One body, One Spirit, One in Christ, One hope. ONE. Paul is clear that there is only One who is our rescuer & that together we are One in Christ. Join us as we explore all that Ephesians has to offer us!

April 14, 2019 Dan Watt

Ephesians 6:21-24

Palm Sunday - when Jesus arrives in Jerusalem, He offers Hope. Paul gives the Church hope as well.

February 24, 2019 Randy Hamm

Ephesians 6:1-4

Paul lets us know that God’s grace even affects us as parents!

Over Advent this year we will seek to Prepare our Hearts… For Hope…For Peace…For Joy…For Love. Jesus has so much for us, we only have to follow His invitation.

No Longer Infants

Nov 18, 2018 Randy Hamm

Ephesians 4:7-16

“There are a few key things we need to learn if we are to no longer be infants. If we are going to be able to… live in the unity God has for us. If we are to live as ONE.”

Over the Summer of 2018 we explored many Stories that Change Us.

Listen once again and be changed.

Our series for April, May & June. We explored our purposes and values as a church, following after Jesus who showed us how in the Gospels.

Our series for April, May & June. We explored our purposes and values as a church, following after Jesus who showed us how in the Gospels.

May 20, 2018 Randy Hamm

Philippians 2:1-18

From September 2017-Easter 2018 we journeyed with Jesus through the Gospel of Mark, seeing how Jesus was revealed as the true King, ready to offer us the Kingdom of God!

December 31, 2017 Randy Hamm

Mark 7:1-23

Advent/ Christmas 2017

December 10, 2017 Randy Hamm

Luke 2:8-20

December 3, 2017

Randy Hamm Luke 1:1-25

Gospel of Mark

Nov 26, 2017 Randy Hamm

Mark 6:45-56

November 19 - Randy Hamm - Bread From a King

November 12 - Randy Hamm & Laurie MacKay - Share What You Have

November 5 - Randy Hamm - Hope. Wait. Trust.

October 29 - Adult & Teen Challenge Testimonies

October 22 - Randy Hamm - 'Jesus vs The Legion'

October 15 - Induction Service for Pastor Randy Hamm

October 8 - Randy Hamm - 'The King Over Chaos'

October 1 - Randy Hamm - 'The Sower and the Soils'

September 24 - Randy Hamm - Jesus redefines Family

September 17 - Randy Hamm - 'Jesus the Rule Breaker'

September 10 - Randy Hamm - 'Forgiven?'

September 3 - Randy Hamm - 'A Rhythm for Ministry'

August 27 - Randy Hamm - 'A Whole New Kingdom'

August 20 - Randy Hamm - 'The Beginning of the Gospel'




Interim Series April to August 2017

August 13 Laurie MacKay - 'Our Vulnerable God and the Power Delusion'

1) April 2 Pete Unrau - "A Belief That Behaves"

2. April 9 Pete Unrau - ‘Pain University – To be Born is to be Enrolled’

3. April 16 Pete Unrau - 'Easter: God's Answer to Death' 

4. April 23 Pete Unrau - ‘WISDOM TO KEEP A STEADY COURSE’

5. April 30 Pete Unrau - ' The Devil Did Not Make Me Do It'

6. May 7 Pete Unrau - 'Welcome the Word Warmly'

7. May 14 Pete Unrau - 'Open Doors With Open Hearts'

8. May 21 Pete Unrau - 'Lordship Salvation or Simple Believism’

9. May 21 Pete Unrau -'In Search of True Wisdom'

10. June 4 Pete Unrau - 'Lots of Room at the Bottom'

11. June 11 Randy Hamm - 'Life in the Trinity'

12. June 18 Pete Unrau - 'Oh Canada - True North Strong and Free???'

13. June 25 Chuck Harper - 'Where's the Beef (Justice)?'

14. July 2 Pete Unrau - 'Welcome, Fellow Sinners'

15. July 9 Pete Unrau - 'God's Sovereign Eraser vs My Human Calendar'

16. July 16 Karl Janzen- 'Crises - Character - Consequences'

17. July 23 Pete Unrau - 'Waiting - Working - Watching'

18. July 30 Pete Unrau - 'How to Have Healing in the Church Without Making the Church Sick'

19. August 6 Grace Wulff - 'Praying in the Dark'